Aries Spears

seen on MadTV, HBO's Def Comedy Jam & Comedy Central


As a principal cast member on Fox’s hit sketch comedy show MADtv, Spears brought a fresh, hip style to the already edgy program from the third through the 10th season. The producers made full use of many of Spears' talents by calling on him frequently, to create new hilarious characters and write sketches. Some of the many recurring characters that Spears is famous for on the show include Belma Buttons, Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Mike Tyson, Walter, who is a crackhead, Reggie from the Erascists, Dollar Bill Montgomery, Shaquille O'Neal, the Klumps, Michael Jackson, Sisqo, Evander Holyfield, El Diablo Negro, and more. Spears also boasts a number of uproarious impersonations on the show that include James Brown, Al Pacino, and his childhood idol, Eddie Murphy. The Spears branded sketch “Talkin’ American” was MADtv's most popular bit, keeping fans tuned in and boosting its ratings impressively on Saturday night.

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