John Moyer

Like a lot of people, John Moyer has been married and divorced. His first marriage failed because he and his wife were an interracial couple: John was white and his wife was white trash. His second marriage provided him two wonderful and diabolic children - and a second divorce. John's third, current, and always and forever wife is a former Mrs. Utah. Previous to her, any of the women John dated couldn’t take a blue ribbon at the county fair. He’s not screwing this one up.

And from the ashes of all of John's dysfunction comes a bumper crop of comedy!

Winner of the Anhueser Busch Comedy Competition and classified as “genuinely witty” by The Seattle-Post Intelligencer, John has been making audiences laugh for over 20 years. He’s been seen on HBO, heard on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and most recently has been added to the entertainment line-up for an international cruise ship line.

John’s also a produced screenwriter, film director, actor - and the father of two children that he’s aware of. As a comedian, John has just enough edge, and just enough darkness, while making sure to round everything out with enough approachability for every audience to laugh with. Or to laugh at, as it were.

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