Paul Sheffield

Throughout his stand-up career it has been well documented that Ogden Wiseguys has always been Paul's favorite comedy club. It has always been his first choice for trying out and working on new material. He has always wanted to record an album here, and that time has finally come!
Paul will be recording his fourth full length album "Sanity at it's Finest" and it will be a show you will never forget. His album recording shows are this Friday and Saturday and never disappoint. In addition to recording a CD, he will be recording the show to put on the internet as well. This is your chance to see a show unlike any other. It's 9 years in the making and will leave gasping for air!

Paul broke onto the Salt Lake comedy scene in 2008. He wasted no time producing his first album "Sheffield Had it Worse" just a year later in 2009. He then took his unique observational and story telling style of stand-up on the road and performed in clubs all over the west from Seattle to Colorado. He also entered in and performed in several competitions and festivals. He is the winner of the 2011 Happy Valley Comedy Competition, has been a finalist for the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, and the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off. He was a part of the Gold Spike Comed Festival and the Idaho Laughfest this past year.
All his road and personal experiences help Paul write two more albums along the way. 2011 he mad "Married to the Mic" and 2013 brought his most renowned album "A Small H.R. Issue". All his albums are available on Spotify and iTunes. He culminated some of his best material from those albums for VidAngel and just released his first streaming special "Singled Out" earlier this year.

General Admission $12
Nov 3269 25th St
PG-13 Rating