Wiseguys Live Comedy

Comedy Cares

Special Event
Ages 21+
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Sun, Dec 16, 2018

7:00 PM



No passes or discounts | Ages 21+

Comedy Cares

Comedy Cares is an annual charity event put on by comedian Guy Seidel that helps families around the Wasatch Front and Guy’s hometown of Helper, Utah have a good Christmas.Donations of items are gathered throughout the year then brought to Wiseguys and put onstage, comedians perform and then after t...

For the last seven years, Comedian Guy Seidel has teamed up with Mick & Allen of the Freakshow on KBER101 to bring the Comedy Cares Fundraiser.
Every year at Christmas time, Guy gathers raffle and auction items from various friends, family, businesses and artists, then in mid-December he takes all of that free stuff and puts it on a stage at Wiseguys Comedy Club, you attend the show and buy raffle tickets, as many as you want for a dollar each, several hilarious comedians perform and everyone has a good time.

After the comedians get done telling their jokes, they raffle off some items and we auction off some items. All money raised is then given to Mick and Allen at KBER 101, they, then split the money up and give it to local families in need, who have written in to M&A asking for help. You actually get to hear the money going to work, every penny goes to local families.

This event has become a huge event, it sells out every single year and everyone who comes, always comes back. Don't miss out on a great event for a great cause.

Some of the past raffle/auction items have included:
Motley Crue autographed guitar, Nintendo Wii, Rob Zombie autographed guitar, In-home basketball game, Tool Kits, Bon Jovi autographed bass, Trans Siberian Orchestra autographed guitar, Snowboarding gear, Foreigner autographed guitar, Specialized Mountain Bikes and more.