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Roasted w Andy Gold

Roasted w Andy Gold

Mar 3Rated R

Salt Lake City, UT
The Gateway


Everyone’s had an awkward phase. Yours involved horn-rimmed glasses and a bowl cut; Andy Gold’s involved years of active heroin addiction. In this one-of-a-kind show, Andy combines his stand-up, which has been featured on Dry Bar Comedy, Sirius XM, and at comedy clubs all around the country, with his viral roast videos.  Who does Andy roast? Kids. Or, more accurately, photos of kids from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Because let’s face it, picture day didn’t always produce the best results. Submit your cringiest mall portrait or family photo to andygoldcomedian@gmail.com, and ten-year-old you might get roasted during the show. Even present-day photos might even get roasted. It’s a show like none you’ve seen before, and it’s well worth sneaking out for. Even if you do end up getting grounded.


Wiseguys at the Gateway
190 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101