Wiseguys Live Comedy

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to go to Wiseguys?

Wiseguys at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City is 21+ and you must present a valid ID. Wiseguys West Valley City offers a cafe-style menu featuring various sandwiches, appetizers, salads, wraps, desserts, a full bar, beer, wine and Coke products. Must be 21 to enter.

There is No AGE LIMIT at Wiseguys Ogden. Wiseguys Ogden also offers a café-style menu with nachos, sandwiches, pizza, wings, desserts and a selection of bottled beer. However, the content for each show can vary.

Does Wiseguys have a dress code?

Yes and No. We want you to be comfortable, but we also don’t want you to make others around you uncomfortable, so dress to make your mother proud.

Can I order my tickets on-line?

Yes, tickets can be purchased on our website thru TicketBiscuit, a safe and secure ticketing system.

Once I purchase my tickets, can I get my money back or transfer to another date if I have to cancel?

All tickets are FINAL SALE which means absolutely no refunds, credits or transfers. Please confirm with your party PRIOR to making a reservation or purchasing tickets.

How long do the shows typically last?

Shows are usually between an hour and a half and an hour and forty-five minutes.

What does it mean when a show is a "Special Event?"

Shows that are labelled "Special Event" have restrictions to purchasing tickets. Discounts and promotions are not accepted. Further restrictions may apply.

Do you have an open mic or amateur night?

Every Wednesday night is open mic at Wiseguys at the Gateway in Salt Lake City and admission is $5! All Open Mic sign ups MUST arrive by 6:00pm to put your name on the list. Show starts at 7:00pm. Due to time restrictions and the number of comedians signing up each week, we cannot guarantee stage time. BRING FRIENDS!

How far in advance do you have to book for a show?

Depends on the popularity of the act. With Special Events, it is safe to book sometimes weeks in advance. Typically, you can purchase tickets the night of the show, but it is suggested to make a reservation as soon as you have a confirmed head count, a week, 2 weeks out. Tickets for huge names should be purchased ASAP.

Should I research the comedian before attending a show?

Yes. Comedy is subjective and certain comedians are not for everybody. Watching a YouTube clip or reading the headliner's biography is a great way to get insight on the expected performance.

Are cameras allowed in the club?

Patrons may take photographs BEFORE or AFTER the show. Taking photographs, filming, videotaping or other recording of shows without the written consent of the club and the artist is strictly prohibited. Patrons who abuse this policy will have all content erased and you will be ejected immediately.

Can Wiseguys be rented out?

Yes! Wiseguys has a wide variety of options when it comes to events. Full room rental, private shows, office parties and any gathering or get-together can be arranged with food and beverage packages. Simply call the club or email us atwiseguys2001@gmail.com

Can I buy tickets as a gift?

Yes, you will simply purchase the tickets to the show you wish or purchase Wiseguys gift certificates.

Is smoking allowed?

No. It is against the law in the State of Utah to smoke in a public building.

Do you offer handicapped seating?

Yes. Wiseguys is wheelchair and handicapped accessible.

What is your ticket resale policy?

Please refer to ourticket resale policy