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Chuck Fury

Chuck Fury

Sep 28Rated R

Salt Lake City, UT
Rickles Room


Fury was born a naughty, little boy. He was raised in Salt Lake's Glendale area and Southern California. After spending some time as a drug addict, gang member, failing at three marriages, and spending five years living in his car he still hasn't "grown up", but he did "grow into" being a big, naughty comedian.

Chuck has been featured on ABC 4 Utah, and in Canvas Rebel Magazine, Voyage Utah Magazine, and on many podcasts. He is a local favorite, has headlined bar shows in multiple states, and is finally headlining a real comedy room in a real comedy club. Chuck is also not nearly as brutish as his appearance would indicate.
Chuck's mantra is, "Don't throw shade, chuck fury." Come watch him do just that, as he tells all in his hilarious autobiographical stand-up act: Nothing Sacred.


Wiseguys Comedy Rickles Room
190 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101