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Tré Lamb

Tré Lamb

Aug 30-31Rated R

West Jordan, UT
Jordan Landing


Tré Lamb is a Canadian-born American Comedian based in Salt Lake City. After first taking the stage at just 17 years old, he has spent the last 8 years proactively developing his perspective and stage presence among different cities and comedy scenes such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and now Salt Lake City. Over the last year, Tré has amassed a strong social media following most notably due to his short stand-up comedy clips across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, nearing a 100K total following and reaching nearly 100,000,000 views. Come see Tré make his Wiseguys Downtown SLC headlining debut!


Wiseguys Jordan Landing
3763 West Center Park Drive
West Jordan, Utah 84084